St.Werburgh’s Years 1973-Today

In early 1973 we became homeless – yet again.  

Thankfully, Geoff Kellett, leading light of St. Werburgh’s Amateur Drama Society (SWADS) came to our rescue.

Geoff offered to drop one of his society’s dates in the hall, move another and make room in the calendar, so we could foot two plays a season.  One in November/December and the other in February.

Happily we jumped at the chance and have been here ever since.  

Now presenting three shows per year. Two main productions November and April and currently a one-nighter in February.  Hopefully we will be able to return to a full production in February in the future.

We moved into St. Werburgh’s Church Hall in November 1973

PRODUCTIONS  1973 to Today

  • 1973 / 74         The Noble Spaniard.        Countercrime
  • 1974 / 75         The Chalk Garden.          Dolphins Rampant
  • 1975 / 76         The Militants.       A Sense of Guilt                                                                                          A Fool of Creation   1 act  festival entry
  • 1976 / 77         Present Laughter.        The Linden Tree.                                                                  Conversations with a Golliwog     1 act festival entry
  • 1977 / 78           After My Fashion.   (Nora Jackson won best actress cup)                                              The Many Wives of Windsor    1 act festival entry                                                                                     The Curious Savage   performed at St James Hall and also at NOMADS Studio Theatre
  • 1978 / 79           The Enquiry.       Ring Round the Moon.                                                               Conscience Stricken    1 act festival entry
  • 1979 / 80           Hay Fever.     Separate Tables.         A Man for all Seasons     with St.Werburgh’s ADS
  • 1980 / 81           The Importance of Being Earnest.       The Seashell.                                                             After Midnight Before Dawn     1 act festival entry   won best director cup
  • 1981 / 82           Wanted One Body.         Love on the Dole.                                                                       An Uncivil Contract  [ 1 act premier ] won best supporting actor
  • 1982 / 83          Mist Over the Mistletoe.         Pygmalion
  • 1983 / 84           Cat Among the Pigeons         Shadow in the Sun
  • 1984 / 85           Two Faces of Murder             No Time for Fig Leaves                                                     The Coven   1 act festival entry
  • 1985 / 86           Murder Deferred.                     Strike Happy.                                                                       We Need a Man     1 act festival entry
  • 1986 / 87           The Curious Savage   [Nora Jackson best actress cup)        Basinful of the Briny            Costa Del Packet   1 act festival entry
  • 1987 / 88          A Letter From the General.        The Camel’s Back.                                                    Quake 1 act festival entry
  • 1988 / 89          On Monday Next.             So Many Children.             CaliforniaSuite
  • 1989 / 90          Hans, the Witch and the Gobbin   (won technical  award & Lowry Rose Bowl, runners-up cup)                 The Hollow.       The Happiest Days of  Your Life
  • 1990 / 91           The Wizard of Oz.            Arms and the Man.             Wolfsbane
  • 1991 / 92           A Midsummer Night’s Dream.      Murder on the Nile.         Rookery Nook
  • 1992 / 93           They Came to a City.                    84, Charing Cross Road.                                      Autumn Manœuvers
  • 1993 / 94  The Unexpected Guest       The Sacred Flame          The Late Mrs Early
  • 1994 / 95        Daisy Pulls it Off.         The Dresser.      Play On.                                                                 No Win Situation     [1act Premiere ] won best youth production,      best youth player,  best director all categories,    certificate of merit for new play
  • Summer 1995          Much Ado About Nothing.         at English Martyrs’ 
  • 1995 / 96        The Barefoot Princess.   [ Premiere ]      Arsenic and Old Lace.                                   Love’s a Luxury

150th Season

  • 1996 / 97           Night Must Fall.           Hindle Wakes.             Clerical Errors

Summer 1997             Off the Rails     interactive at English Martyrs’ 

  • 1997 / 98          The Diary of Anne Frank.         There Goes the Bride.        Dead Man’s Hand
  • 1998 / 99          Hans, the Witch and the Gobbin.       The Cemetery Club .        The Secret Tent
  • 1999 /2000       Poet and Pheasant.       For One Night Only – Entertainment  &  Last Tango in Little Grimley   [1 act]                The Importance of Being Earnest
  • 2000 / 01           Kindly Leave the Stage.       For One Night Only II -Entertainment & Unhand Me, Squire [1 act]               3rd cancelled
  • 2001 / 02          1st cancelled.               For One Night Only III – Olde Tyme Music Hall &  Temptation Sordid, Virtue Rewarded  [1 act]          Bazaar and Rummage
  • 2002 / 03         Murder in Company.      For One Night Only IV – End of the Pier Show &  Spring Song Singers    [1act]           A Murder is Announced
  • 2003 / 04          Habeas Corpus.       For One Night Only V – Showtime & All’s Well that Ends As You Like It.    [1 act]        A Tomb With A View
  • 2004 / 05      Wyrd Sisters.     For One Night Only VI – Music Hall  &  Maria Marten                           [Murder in the Red Barn  [1 act]           Brush with a Body
  • 2005 / 06         Odd Couple [female version] Kathryn Fennell won best actress.                                        For One Night  Only VII – Roaring Twenties & 3 Murders, a Suicide & a Near Miss    [1 act]             Separate Tables.           Last Tango in Little Chorlton [Grimley]   1 act festival entry

160th Season

  • 2006 / 07           Hans, the Witch &  the Gobbin.      For One Night Only VIII – Wild West Revue “Love Me Tender” – Romeo & Juliete [1 Act]           Wanted – One Body!
  • 2007 / 08       On Monday Next.     For One Night Only IX – Music Hall & “Hiss the Villain” [1 Act]      Murder Deferred
  • 2008 / 09      Stepping Out.     For One Night Only X – “We’ll Meet Again,”  Wartime Memories” & “Unhand Me, Squire”      [1 Act]        The Hollow
  • 2009 / 10      Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime.      For One Night Only XI – Olde Tyme Music Hall      “Temptation Sordid…” [1 act]        Dead Easy.    “Temptation Sordid..” at St Ninian’s
  • 2010 / 11        Ladies’ Day.        For One Night Only XII Showtime – “Woman Alive”    [1 Act]         Hallelujah Girls.         “Woman Alive”      1 act entry Wilmslow Festival 
  • 2011 / 12       Breezeblock Park.      For One Night Only XIII Old Tyme Music Hall    “The Drunkard’s Wife”    1 act.        Pack of Lies
  • 2012 / 13          Blithe Spirit.     One Night Only XIV – Jazz & Talking Heads.       Lady Windermere’s Fan
  • 2013 / 14          Cemetery Club.      For One Night Only XV – George Galway Band, Monologues.       When We Are Married
  • 2014 / 15          Neigbourhood Watch.          For One Night Only XVI – “Two”.                                           Not With A Bang
  • 168 Years

    Featured image

    The Cast of “Not With A Bang”  by Mike Harding.       April 2015


  • 2015 / 16           Present Laughter              Under Milk Wood  [won ACT Award for   Original and Innovative Concept]               London Suite      FoH Staff won ACT Award for Customer Care this season

    The  production, which opened the 169th Season

    “Present Laughter”

    a Comedy by Noel Coward   which ran from 12th to 14th November 2015

    The next production was
      Version 2

    For One Night Only 6th February 2016

    From the Golden Age of Radio a Dramatic Reading of


    by Dylan Thomas

    Read the review:  

    Congratulations to everyone involved in this production  We received an award from the Association of Community Theatre [ACT]                          Drama – ACT in Action Certificate for Original and Innovative Concept 

    Thanks Everyone

    169 Years – 

    April   2016

    Neil Simon’s     “LONDON SUITE” 

     a mix of 4 ~ serious, comic and farcical plays



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  • 2016 / 17             And Then There Were None                                                               For One Night Only       Drama, Comedy & All That Jazz  incl. “Background Artiste”                             The Deep Blue Sea  

    November 2016

    Agatha Christie’s   “And Then There Were None”



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    Many thanks to everyone who supported this production

    Read the review from ACT

    February 2017

    One Night Only –  Comedy, Drama & All That Jazz     incl.   “Background Artiste” 



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    170 Years

    April 2017

    “The Deep Blue Sea”

    by Terence Rattigan



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Congratulations to Sarah & Peter for their GMDF Nominations

From ACT  the FoH Staff won ACT Award for Customer Care again this season

More congratulations for the Association of Community Theatre Nominations~          to Sarah for “Hester” and Roger as “the Judge”  in The Deep Blue Sea                              to David for “the Judge”  and Roger for “the General”  in  And Then There Were None

And to the whole company for “Comedy, Drama & All That Jazz”

More Congratulations

Roger received an ACT Award for the music in “Comedy, Drama & All That Jazz”

We have received more nominations from “ACT Spotlight Awards.”

in the Acting category ~

Sarah [as Hester in “The Deep Blue Sea”,]   David [as the Judge in “And Then There Were None”]  &  Roger [for both the General in “ATTWN” & the Judge in “TDBS”]  

Also, all those involved in  “Drama, Comedy & All That Jazz” in February are nominated for “The Most Original Review.”.

Sarah Kirk & Peter Ruddick were nominated by GMDF for Best Actress & Best Supporting Actor for  “The Deep Blue Sea”

Nominations were also received from ACT “Out of the Spotlight” for Sue & Ian for Lighting & Sound

Sadly they weren’t successful, but it’s good to have recognition of your skills.

And we did get an award from ACT for FoH Customer Relations for the second year running.  Well done Sarala & the Team.

  •  2017 / 18             Quartet               Animal Farm        Kindly Keep It Covered 




 November Production 2017



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By Ronald Harwood

a play both funny & poignant of how to grow old disgracefully.

16th to 18th. November 

at St. Werburgh’s Parish Hall. Chorlton



Thank you to everyone who supported the February Production




171 Years

April Production was


a comedy by Dave Freeman

April 26th – 28th


2018 / 19               Hindle Wakes        The King’s Tiger Rag       The Chalk Garden


172nd Season opener ~ November 15th, 16th & 17th

Stanley Houghton’s classic play



February 2019

“The King’s Tiger Rag”

Celebrating the arrival of Jazz to Britain in 1919


172 Years

April 2019

“The Chalk Garden”

by Enid Bagnold




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